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Ankachain Solution is a blockchain startup company based in Lagos, Nigeria. registered business name with RC Number 2818705 we are focused on providing value driven solution using the distributed ledger technology.

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Ahmed Oladele is a software engineer, consultant, and small business owner currently living in Lagos, Nigeria. My interests range from programming to soccer(Chelsea FC). I am also interested in distributed technology, real estate, and gaming.

Founder Profile

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Vision and Mission

Our mission is to educate and propage blockchain education and adoption locally in Nigeria but also be self sufficient, We are happy to bootstrap along with Cardano as it offers the best suite of features that meets our target #ADA #ANQA #SHELLEY $ADA
We will be launching ANQAHUB shortly where we hope to train and hold blockchain seminars/training.
Our self sufficiency comes from the HUB where we will be offering co-working space for young entrepreneur at an attractive and competitive rates.
ANQAHUB will host bare metal server where our relay node will run from and hopefully turn it to a block producer when a reliable network connectivity(fiber) is achieved, before that we will be hosting nodes on established Colocation Centers in the country with block rewards
Why is it such a big deal to host in Nigeria you asked, well the answer is simple "lack of infrastructure" here is a link to a retail server hosting provider https://whogohost.ng/hosting/cloud-servers-in-nigeria
In summary it cost $2600 to host an 8GB server annually and currently on a cloud VPS it costs $300
How can you help us, is by delegating to the ANQA ticker so we can earn block rewards and able to finance a local server and train/employ more operators to drive local adoption
Can you trust us, the answer is really up to you as we do this purely from a decentralization point of view, what it offers and our passion for #ada and we want to be self sustaining we will be here in the long run even if with our mini(not mini in nigeria) pledge.
We will be rolling out smart contracts when Goguen launches we have ideas around several dapps a very good example is "kyc bank" through Atala prism which we can offer to financial institutions.
Plus I(Ahmed Oladele lawale) have over 10 years programming experience in the financial sector locally so your in good hands.
We will appreciate your delegations #ANQA #ShelleyIsHere

Cardano Shelley Stakepool Operator

Ticker: ANQA

  • ANQA pool is a stake pool running on VPS. we have relay node for failover and testing purpose, we are a Nigerian stakepool operator, currently hosted in Netherland and Finland. we hope to host locally in Lagos, Nigeria soon(expensive). Thank you for your support.

Blockchain Education

Learning & Growth

With years of experience in information technology, we at Ankachain will combine our insights and skills to educate, promote blockchain adoption in the country and africa at large